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Animal Control Services in Marietta

Centurian Wildlife Control is a family-owned and operated Animal Control Services company with over 10 years of experience serving Marietta, Georgia. We proudly employ expert technicians, including college graduates with degrees and certifications in entomology and zoology, and veterans of our armed forces. Our team delivers the highest quality service to residential and commercial customers, and can handle any wildlife removal job. We are equipped to remove bats, rats, snakes, possums, armadillos, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and more! Give us a call today to set up an appointment for an inspection.

Looking for unparalleled experience and professionalism in a Wildlife Management company? You’ve come to the right place. We deliver the highest level of service in Marietta, GA and can solve any animal removal or nuisance wildlife control problem quickly and efficiently. In this industry, it is our experience that many of our competitors offer and charge for services without eliminating the root of the problem, or properly santizing and repairing the home after a wildlife removal. We set a standard for service and quality of work, and offer warranties that will protect your investment for up to 10 years. See your service manager for more information regarding warranties.

What Kind of Services Do I Need?

Nearly every trapping and removal is going to be different, especially in Marietta, Georgia, where the wildlife population is diverse, and there are many suburban neighborhoods. Any local trapper or wildlife control specialist will need to be licensed and insured before you let them operate on your property. This not only protects the technician, but also the homeowner against legal action in case the service provider is injured on the property, or breaks the law. Most states and local municipalities have strict laws for animal control and wildlife removal, and this is true of Marietta. Not only should the company you hire for wildlife removal be bonded and registered locally, but they should also be knowledgable of these laws and the protections in place for certain animal species.

Failure to abide by laws for animal control and wildlife removal in your area can be costly. For example: Bat Removal from your attic during their maternity season can result in thousands of dollars worth of fines. Another example: you can kill rats on your property using snap traps and dispose of the carcasses (unfortunately, this is the most efficient way to remove them), but if you were to exterminate certain birds, like woodpeckers, you would be facing hefty charges. Make sure your contractor is up-to-date with all paperwork for the state and Marietta, and knows all of the laws that pertain to wildlife control in Marietta before allowing them to provide animal removal services.

Trapping and Removal Services in Marietta, GA

We specialize in a variety of services related to the removal and trapping of nuisance wildlife creatures in Marietta, Georgia. In this industry, there are many types of traps used to capture and relocate, or kill animals. It is out belief that every animal life should be saved if at all possible, and we use no-kill cage traps to remove animals from your home or property and relocate them to wildlife sanctuaries and nature preserves with the help of local Fish Wildlife officials in Marietta. Cage traps may look severe and inhumane, but rest assured, we check our traps daily to make sure that they are not kept without food or water, or left in the hot sun for very long. We do not use poisons to bait our traps and will often use wet cat food, peanut butter, or other food products that are safe for wildlife to consume.

The only exception to our policy regarding kill traps is for rat infestations. These creatures are extremely difficult to live trap due to their size and speed. The time it would take to live trap rats during a rat infestation would be too great, and by the time they have all been trapped, the rats will have done extensive damage to attic and wall insulation, water piping, and electrical wiring. We use the most humane snap-traps possible on these small creatures in order to give them a swift and painless death. The snap traps we use immediately sever the spinal cord of the rat, instantly killing them without torturing them or causing them great pain.

Safety is Our First Concern

The safety of the homeowner and those living inside the home is our primary concern during a wildlife removal in Marietta. If there are children living inside the home, we must be notified immediately as that may cause us to adjust our strategy for removing the nuisance wildlife. Household pets are also a consideration as they like to investigate our traps and will most likely be attracted to the baits that we use as well. When we perform exclusion and repair work to prevent the wildlife creatures from entering your property in Marietta again.

Sanitation after a wildlife removal is paramount to the health and safety of your home. Our sanitation team in Marietta undergoes extensive training to ensure the quality of our work. All hazardous materials, including fur, droppings, oils, and nesting materials left behind must be completely removed, and the air inside the affected space must be treated with anti-microbial spray. Often times, this requires removing insulation, drywall, and other materials of your Marietta home if they cannot be sanitized. Our technicians will replace what must be removed and discarded, making your home look and feel like new.

Noises in the Attic in Marietta, GA?

If you’re hearing noises in your attic, you probably have some sort of wildlife creature making a nest up there. The Latest News says, once they nest, they’ll most likely begin to reproduce, leaving you with a damaged attic space and a family of critters to remove. In Marietta, a full-blown infestation can take as little as (3) weeks. You must be dilligent in contracting a wildlife removal company the first moment you notice an outdoor species making its home above your living space. Wild animals do not use bathrooms and their droppings and urine will easily seep through insulation and into the drywall or plaster above your head.

The good news is that our Marietta sanitation and repair team are highly trained professionals, and can set the appropriate traps to remove bats, birds, raccoons, rats, snakes, and more from your attic. We use state of the art Pest Control technology and abide by local Marietta laws for trapping and removal to make sure that the attic space is clear of wild animals. Once we have removed the nuisance wildlife, our Marietta restoration team will make sure that any damaged parts of the home are properly replaced and all fixtures are installed and functioning properly.

About Our Business

It is our mission to deliver reliable wildlife removal and 24/7 Wildlife Control control services in Marietta, and do so by the most humane methods possible. If it is not completely necessary, we will NOT exterminate any wildlife creatures that we find in your home. It is far easier to trap or exclude animals, and more often than not, most invasive wildlife species have some level of federal or local protection that keeps companies like ours from doing so. If you are in need of wildlife removal or animal control services in Marietta, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are available 24/7 and will be happy to take your call!

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