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Search Property Auditor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Search for a Specific Property

To find out tax information and other information on a specific property, you can look up the information from the Auditor’s website

Search by Owner’s Name: Enter the last name first, followed by a space, followed by the first name or initial (Ex. SMITH JOHN). Do not use a comma between the Last Name and the First Name. The search will use the character string from left to right; therefore, the last name or just the first few letters can be entered.

Search by Parcel ID Number: Enter the Parcel ID Number.

(Ex. 530010001000). No dashes or spaces are needed. Partial Entries are allowed. Partial entries must be at least three characters long.

Search by Street Address: Fields must be entered without punctuation (Ex. MARKET); street designations such as ST and RD are not necessary. If the house number is unknown you can put in a range or leave it blank, the entry can be simply MARKET, however, all properties located on MARKET will be returned as potentials.

Search by Sales: Searches can be performed using more than one parameter. Sale Price, Sale Date, Year Built, Sq. Ft. No. of Stories and/or No. of Bedrooms.

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