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A low cost airline is the cheapest means of transportation to take whether you’re planning on going around the world in eighty days (they do fly transatlantic), or just taking a trip down south to visit your parents. It’s called a no-frills carrier because it offers low fares to passengers whilst doing away with several traditional passenger services, some of which you may have taken for granted, like free food and drinks. [ Read more. How Low Cost Airlines Work ]

Who would have thought that just taking a bag of clothes along with you on a short trip could be so expensive? With many budget airlines now charging an additional fee for checked in luggage, we’ve compiled some tips for how to beat the airlines at their game, and cram enough items to get you by into hand luggage which you can carry onboard for free. A little selective packing could half the cost of your next flight. [ Read more. How to Fly With Hand Luggage Only ]

Low cost airlines love using tricky price-traps set up to deceive passengers; making them spend more cash than they would originally anticipate. We help you keep up to date on the latest strategies used by low cost airlines to “extort” money from distracted passengers. [ Read more. Know the Common Price Traps of Low Cost Airlines ]

A secondary airport is an under-utilised airport that complements a primary airport or airport system in a metropolitan region.They’re sometimes nearby, but often mean a longer transfer to reach your final destination. Read on for our tips which will help ensure your journey is a success. [ Read more. Secondary airport locations and onward travel planning ]

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