License Renewal

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Renewal invoices for 2017 were mailed to all active licensees during the first week of October 2016. If you did not receive or have misplaced your renewal notice, you may click here to download the appropriate form, or click on the link at the top of this page to renew online. Information and payment for sub-licensees should be included as part of the master licensee’s renewal.

Please make checks or money orders payable to “State Board of Examiners” and mail to the address on the invoice. Please note that we do not accept “counter checks” or “starter checks” that do not bear the pre-printed account holder information and check number, nor do we accept cash, credit/debit cards, purchase orders, online or telephone payments.

Renewals are currently being processed within 2-3 business days of receipt, and the new expiration date is displayed on this website immediately upon processing. Please allow 3-5 days after processing for your printed license to arrive in the mail.

To check a license for the current expiration date by entering the license number, you may click here. If it displays a 2017 expiration date, it has been renewed for 2017. If the message “License Not Found” is displayed, the license has not been renewed or may not be valid due to another issue.

Licensees who expired in 2013 or previous years are no longer eligible for renewal and must reapply for a license. Licensees who expired in 2014, 2015 or 2016 must now renew through 2017 by December 31, 2017, or the license will be retired, and will require that the individual reapply and re-exam in order to reinstate the license. Click here to download the appropriate application.

General Statutes 87-22 provides in part “. All licenses expire on the last day of December in each year following their issuance or renewal.” Contrary to popular belief, there is NO GRACE PERIOD following the expiration of a license, and all activities that require a license (bidding, contracting, supervising, installing, etc.) must cease until the license is renewed.

Renewal Invoices are mailed to all active licensees at the last known address on record with the Board, at least one month in advance of the expiration date of license.

Enter the appropriate information on the invoice and return it with a check or money order payable to the State Board of Examiners for the correct amount.

License Expiration and Renewal

General Status 87-22 provides in part “. In the event of failure on the part of any person, firm or corporation to renew the license certificate annually and pay the required fee during the month of January in each year, the Board shall increase the license by twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to cover any additional expense associated with late renewal.”

Reinstatement of Expired License

Within three years of expiration

21 NCAC 50.0409 REINSTATEMENT OF EXPIRED LICENSE – A license which expires may be reinstated within three years of the date of expiration upon written request and upon payment of the current license fee, the license fee for the unpaid prior years together with the processing fee imposed by G.S. 87-22.

If the correct renewal form(s) and fee(s) are not received in the office by January 31, the Board may require payment of all unpaid annual fees before reissuing a license. Please call the office at 919-875-3612 for the correct amount and forms.

After three years

If a license is not renewed within three years after expiration, the Board requires reexamination.

General Statutes 87-22 provides in part “. the Board requires reexamination upon failure of a licensee to renew license within three years after expiration.”