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My job has me often changing locations throughout California every 2-3 years, which leaves home ownership until later.   So, my girlfriend… Read More

My job has me often changing locations throughout California every 2-3 years, which leaves home ownership until later.   So, my girlfriend and I set up an appointment to meet the property manager to see a rental property in the Lemoore area. I will break this down by topic so bear with me.

Realty estate/property management office:

1. Upon arriving we had to pull into a dirt parking lot adjacent to the office which was absolutely disgusting and peppered with litter, I will leave it at that.

2. We walked in and announced our arrival as we had an appointment time, the receptionist walked back to an enclosed space with viewing window to announce our arrival to the property manager (PM). The property manager then yelled through the enclosed space to have a seat. However, never coming face to face with the property manager, we were told to go over to the property and we would be met there. Why not just have us meet at the property?

The property:

1. Immediately upon arrival we were met by the cleaning crew, or should I say the daughter of the cleaning crew. She did offer to show us around, but we decided to wait to the PM. That is when she mentioned she too worked in the office with the PM, so we decided to take a step forward.

2. Within a few minutes the PM arrived and made a snide comment to us about us looking around with the co-worker. What a uncomfortable feeling that was.

3. So, as we three started our walk-thru we noticed a quite a few absolutely disgusting things about the property. NOTE: none of which were going to be resolved prior to move-in.

– The stove was soaking in Easy-Off, which would not have cleaned the oven

– The pool s main drain had its drain cover missing.

– The pool was not clean, to the point the pool would have to be drained, pressure washed and then refilled.

– When asked if animals were accepted (of which we have none) we were told no very quickly, that animals were not allowed on the premises. So I asked, did the last tenant have a dog. The answer was YES.

– The carpet was so bad with urine, the aroma burnt my eyes.

– The walls were not to be painted, it looked like a remiss 4 year old had run around the house splattering the walls with filthy hands.

– Dog paw prints were all over, to include the sliding glass door, as well as the walls.

I can go on about the property but you readers get the point.

The Property Manager:

1. Extremely poor attitude, this person did not represent the company nor the property owner well in my opinion.

2. Each question was answered with a question. Example, can we paint? The response – Are you a professional painter. Next, can we call the owner to ask about painting? The response – Is there a contract in place? In other words, no contacting the owner until money was on the table.

3. When asked about the pool condition, response from the PM- I don t know these things unless the tenants complain. Assumption, the PM had not spent much time on the property prior to our arrival.

4. The ad for the house stated a spa was included, yet no spa on the premises. So when we asked the PM about the spa, response – where did you read that? I mean c mon PM don t you know where you advertise?

5. READ THIS ONE for a laugh. When asked about the dog as mentioned above, the PM again stressed a zero tolerance. So as we ended our tour we three walked outside to the front yard. The PM made it a point to point to a house two doors down was the residence of either the real estate company owner or some sort of manager. Now this is quite odd. How does a property owner use Lemoore Realty as their management company, have a Lemoore Realty associate live two doors down, yet not notice a dog on the premises.

While I understand potential renters may not use Yelp as a tool prior to seeking their future home. I would like to believe home owners seeking to rent their property might. I am not trying to persuade nor dissuade future owners, clients or home seekers from using Lemoore Realty, but step into the process with an open mind, and do your homework.

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