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Legal Jobs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Legal Jobs in Philadelphia, PA Overview

Legal jobs in Philadelphia, PA can include any position commonly found at a law firm. Most law firms employ lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants. These teams research cases, write documents, and may appear in court. Other office positions include reception and housekeeping jobs. Professionals entering the legal industry, however, usually want careers as lawyers or paralegals.

Philadelphia has several features that make it a good place for attorneys and their support staff members. The city has a strong job market and many positions offer above-average salaries.

Philadelphia, PA Legal Job Market

The Philadelphia metropolitan area has one of the country’s highest employment levels for lawyers. The job market consists of over 13,000 positions. With over 5,000 positions, the metro area also has ample opportunities for paralegals and legal assistants.

Law professionals living in the Philadelphia area can use these opportunities to explore new career opportunities. With so many positions available, lawyers and paralegals can feel free to learn about jobs in niche areas of law.

Lawyers and legal assistants living outside of the Philadelphia area may consider moving to take advantage of this healthy job market. Competitive professionals could find that their hard work really pays off in Philadelphia.

Legal Salaries in Philadelphia, PA

Legal jobs in Philadelphia pay more than those in most cities. A lawyer working in Philadelphia can expect to earn over $135,000 per year. The national median pay for lawyers is about $115,000. Working in Philadelphia could mean making $20,000 more per year.

The type of industry that lawyers enter will also influence their salaries. Lawyers who want to earn as much money as possible should look for jobs working for companies in the information services, securities and commodity contracts, and industrial manufacturing industries. Legal jobs in these important industries can pay $200,000 or more.