Lease Option To Buy – Home Buying Program – Up to 5 years! #pet #friendly #rentals

#homes rent to buy

$2400 / 3br – Lease Option To Buy – Home Buying Program – Up to 5 years! (Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

This is NOT a regular Rental..

Nor is it a Regular Home Purchase!

We are licensed Real Estate Agents and Broker, closing escrows.

Making people that can’t quality for Regular conventional or FHA home backed loans because of some credit issues Home Owners.

Bankruptcy and Short sales DO qualify!!

This is a program that lets you find a place in many cities of your choice!

You get to look for one with a Licensed and Fresh Start Certified Real Estate agent just like a regular Home Purchase,

Lease it for amount of time you chose up to 5 years, while you live in it and make it yours!

While you fix your credit and save money to purchase it!

If after 5 years. you choose not to buy it, give a 60 day notice and move out and the investor will give you back your Down and Deposit, just like a regular conventional home rental lease.

Seems to good to be true.

We thought so too!

but like I said we have closed escrows. It works!!

Pick your house. There are many cities to choose from to live in!

In areas “Deem” by investors as good schools.

For MORE information

OR go to Reach Real Estate in Redlands, CA on Facebook.

Watch Video below – by pasting it into your browser

PLEASE: When you call say I’m calling about the program called “FRESH START” that you saw on Craiglist!

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