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Limmud JLM 2016

Limmud JLM is a rich and diverse celebration of Jewish culture and of Jerusalem. Join in a festival of experiential learning and interpersonal encounter which seeks to manifest the plurality and diversity ingrained in both Judaism and Jerusalemite society.

Limmud JLM 2015 hosted around 600 participants over 2 days at its Jewish learning extravaganza at Mount Herzl, bringing together a wide range of people from across the socio-religious and demographic spectrum to join in the festival of experiential learning and interpersonal encounters.

With hundreds of sessions to choose from over the two days and an infectious vibe, Limmud gave people the chance to discover Jerusalem and the Jewish world from a different perspective, investigating the plurality and diversity ingrained in both Judaism and Jerusalemite society that Limmud JLM invited​​.

With an age range of 0-120, the family-programming enabled all ages to enjoy themselves and the discussions, text studies, tours, workshops, lectures, concerts, dance, and more provided room for all willing to learn and to teach, to observe and to listen.

Stay tuned for more information on Limmud JLM 2016 as it becomes available!


When: August 2016

Where: Mount Herzl, Jerusalem

Cost: 105-185 NIS

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