Is travelling around the world over-rated? #travel #map

#travelling around the world

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I ve been fortunate enough to travel to more than 15+ countries, 5 different continents, had the chance of staying in 5 star hotels, hostels with no running water and sharing a room with triplebunkbeds and more than 20 people at a time, slept at airports, gotten drunk with strangers. Not to mention the travels within my own country, camping in a desert, driving more than 2000kms with friends just to reach a destination, surftrips, MTB trips, going to ancient towns, etc.

I believe that many of the opinions for and against traveling are correct, here are some of my own personal opinions.

  1. Gaining perspective. You get a broader image of what the world is, its an opportunity to burst your bubble and Get out of your comfort zone.
  2. Coming back home. After an intensive trip of constantly moving around, there s no better feeling than arriving back to your own space, your own bed, your family, your food.
  3. Better appreciation for what you have. Being grateful for those things you take for granted on a daily basis.
  4. Problem solving, Creativity. Unlike in your own country, in other places you have to hustle to solve problems, many times they don t speak any language you know, you have limited knowledge on how things work, and you have a limited amount of resources to fix problems.
  5. Not Traveling by the book. When in Paris, you have to go to X or Y . There s nothing I hate more, than having to visit a place and taking a selfie, just because a trillion people have already done it, you have to travel by your own demands and your own intuition.

In general, I love traveling, I have managed to gather plenty great experiences and stories that linger along with me thanks to those travels, but more than traveling, I love home. Some things cannot be lived in your own country, smells, sounds, tastes etc, which is why the only way to experience these things is to book a flight, grab a bus, or a train, and travel to some unknown destination for you and feel these things for yourself

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