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Jan 21 2017

Is real or a scam? myFICO® Forums #how #to #get #credit #score #for #free free credit score

Ditto regarding what the others wrote: I know for a fact that is NOT a scam.

Regarding the security questions? It’s possible you’ve got some information being culled from public records that are not correct about you. In other words, is trying to verify that it’s you but asking you questions that only you should know the answer to. To do that, they will ask questions like do you know such and such a person, have you ever owned one of these cars, how much was your mortgage payment with so and so, etc. If they get wrong information about you, of course, your’re going to answer the questions wrong because you can’t possibly know the answer.

With the time outs, that’s a browser/website issue. If you’re using Chrome for example, I’ve seen it happen a lot on certain sites with Chrome. Trying FireFox or IE. If you’re using one of the latter, trying using Chrome. Sometimes websites aren’t totally compatible with certain browsers and certain website features just don’t function properly (like you’ve been timed out).

But keep in mind, too, you might be getting timed out because you’re taking too long to answer the questions. time outs are legitmate security measures on some sites when there is a period of inactivity especially during an application process or security check. So lots of issues for you to ask yourself about.

But you’d be better off getting your credit reports directly from the credit bureaus and getting your FICO scores (TransUnion and Equifax) from – myFICO will also let you purchase credit reports too, but I think their format stinks and is not as detailed as what you’ll get directly from the credit bureaus. That’s just me.

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