Is It Safe to Vacation in Greece? #travelling #america

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Is It Safe to Vacation in Greece?

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Vacationing in Greece might not be a completely safe experience, but as long as reasonable precautions are taken, you have a good opportunity to have a great time and not be the victim of a crime. Greece, as an entry point to Europe from the Middle East and Asia, is the scene of a substantial amount of organized criminal activity. Tourists and vacationers are not usually targeted, but some may find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. In addition, there are terrorism concerns and other crimes that happen regularly.


Crime takes a number of forms in Greece. Domestic and international terrorist organizations or members of organizations do exist in the country. In addition, Greece has its share of theft, and date rape, or acquaintance rape, has been reported on some of the more popular tourist islands. Of all the crimes, theft seems to be the most commonly reported crime by tourists. The country also serves as a popular route for drug trafficking.

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