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Is Being a Real Estate Agent a Good Career in Today s Economy?

Q: Is real estate agent a good career choice with the economy the way it is today.

A: Real estate runs like the economy in cycles and the real estate market is currently at the bottom of a downward cycle where homes have been devalued since 2006,2007. So the cycle is bound to start trending upward. So If you have a passion about a career in real estate you should pursue getting your license which will require 60 hours of education which is mostly about real estate law. You will need to have the means to support yourself for at least a year while you develop your business because your working for yourself and no one is going to give you a paycheck. You will get paid based on commission based on your sales. If you decide this is what you want to do you will need to find an agency that will be willing to train you in the modern principles of selling real estate. If you decide this is what you want to do contact me for additional information on getting into a good agency once you have your license.

A: I think it s a great time to get into real estate. Now s your chance to catch the industry and ride it up. While you didn t ask, new agents often wonder if residential real estate sales can be done successfully on a part-time basis. Many folks see agents out there claiming to be real estate sales professionals while working as full time soccer or little league moms or holding down other part-time or night shift jobs, or even full-time jobs and wondering if it can really be true. Well, the old 80/20 rule is alive and well; even in real estate. 20% of the licensed agents out there are handling 80% of the sales. The other 80% of the agents are mostly going through the motions and picking up a deal from time to time; or not at all.

I ve put together some pros and cons associated with part-time real estate sales. Some folks are very capable of multi-tasking their careers, but it s not for everyone. Keep the following in mind when considering the very difficult and competitive business called Real Estate.

Part-Time Real Estate Can be a Good Way to Test the Waters: Not sure about your choice of a new career? Keeping your old job with a steady income could definitely make it easier to transition into a real estate career. Starting out as a part time agent could mean the difference between success and failure when commissions are slow in coming; and they usually are.

Some Agents Are Part Time All the Time: Have you seen those folks out there that seem to be circus jugglers? You know, the ones seemingly able to handle a multitude of obligations and never break a sweat? They do exist but they are a rare breed. There are many real estate agents out there that have been part time throughout their entire career. Some of them are single parents who can t handle full time. Some are business people using real estate as an adjunct to their already prosperous careers. It can be done, but the challenges are numerous as we ll outline below.

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