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Jul 23 2017

Ireland Travel Coverage – The New York Times #major #travel

#ireland travel

In Ireland, Milk Chocolate Reigns

Ireland is a place where milk chocolate is a source of intense pride, with respected chocolatiers like Butlers, Skelligs, Lily O’Brien’s and Cadbury.

Resort and Hotel News: A Spa in Ireland, an Inn in the Catskills

What you need to know if you’re on a trip or planning one soon, including an “American in Paris” package in New York and a new golf course at the Greenbrier.

In Ireland, All Yeats, All Year

Yeats2015 offers poetry, music, dance and exhibitions in which Ireland is spotlighting the work of its Nobel-Prize-winning son.

Four Cool New(ish) Summer Surf Breaks

The waves await, at spots near (the Rockaways in New York) and far (Bundoran, Ireland).

In Ireland, Chasing the Wandering Soul of Yeats


Exploring Innisfree, the tiny bristling island in the middle of a lake that William Bulter Yeats immortalized in verse.

Reclaiming the Age-Old Art of Getting Lost

Ditching modern-day navigation apps in favor of wandering and discovery.

DiCaprio Just the Latest Celebrity to Join the Hotel Business

Francis Ford Coppola, Richard Gere and Andy Murray have also broadened their portfolios (and their brands) with properties around the world.

In Southeast Ireland, a Culinary and Coastal Destination

Creative chefs are giving visitors another reason to go to West Waterford.

By Public Transit From Dublin: Hikes, Vistas and Seafood, All for a Song

To catch a glimpse of Ireland’s rugged beauty, you needn’t travel west. Just hop on Dublin’s rail network to the staggeringly scenic eastern coastline.

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