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Aug 4 2017

International School of Indiana -Travel Auction Committee #airplane #flights

#travel auction


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Union Station downtown Indianapolis

2016 Tri Chairs: Susan Whiteside, Kimmy Armantrout and Judy Miller


The mission of the International School of Indiana is to excel in providing a multilingual and multicultural education through a distinctive, internationally acclaimed curriculum, preparing our students to contribute successfully to their communities. At the heart of ISI is the core belief that a fully integrated IB Programme is the best opportunity for students to prepare for effective global citizenship in the rapidly changing world. ISI’s supportive, diverse environment encourages high academic and personal achievement with emphasis on the core values of respect, effort and responsibility.

Throughout the school experience, students will learn to:

*Respect themselves, others and the school

*Take responsibility for their own actions on their way to becoming self-sufficient, self-motivated adults


The ISI Travel Auction, our Signature Fundraising event, raises over $100,000 to benefit all students attending our internationally recognized International Baccalaureat world school. Funds raised again this year will benefit both ISI’s scholarship fund and programs supporting all students. The International School of Indiana recognizes the importance of economic diversity, technological advancements in the classroom, and campus sustainability.

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