Illinois state university nursing program

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Undergraduate Programs

Mennonite College of Nursing offers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree for Traditional BSN nursing students. This option is for students entering Illinois State University as a freshman or students transferring from a college or university without an Associate’s Degree in Nursing.

The Accelerated BSN Option of the undergraduate program at the Mennonite College of Nursing is for students who have demonstrated academic success and perseverance by previously completing a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. This option provides a unique opportunity for those committed to the profession of nursing to earn a second bachelor’s degree.

Mennonite College of Nursing offers an online RN to BSN sequence in the Undergraduate Program for current Registered Nurses. Students may select either a full time or part time plan of study.

Master of Science in Nursing Programs

The FNP sequence prepares graduates to function in an advanced practice role for direct health care services that integrate preventive and self-care measures, as well as the diagnosis and management of commonly occurring acute and chronic health conditions.

Graduates of the NSA sequence are prepared to function at executive levels as innovative, collaborative leaders within changing health care environments.

The post-master’s FNP certificate option is available for individuals who already hold a master’s degree in nursing and wish to become licensed and practice as family nurse practitioners.

The Doctor of Philosophy – courses in the PhD program are taught on-campus with some distance education incorporated at the discretion of the faculty.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree prepares nurses with a blend of clinical, organizational, economic, health care improvement, and leadership skills to serve as clinical and/or administrative leaders in healthcare systems. DNP-prepared nurses may also serve as educators in a variety of settings. As a practice-focused doctoral program, the DNP program focuses on practice that is innovative and evidence-based, reflecting the application of credible research findings.


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