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QRadar-based solutions as your business guard

With the increasing number of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and sensitive data leaks, adopting a SIEM solution is not exclusively a compulsory measure to follow compliance policies, but a vital step to detect security deviations and react promptly on suspicious activities. To help businesses win the ongoing security race, we unite our 13+ years of SIEM expertise and comprehensive services, which allows creating security solutions that protect sensitive data of our customers from Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunication, Public Sector and other industries.

Our team of IBM-certified consultants is always ready to enhance your resistance to possible threats and breaches with the help of IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform. a consolidated security information solution providing real-time visibility of the entire IT infrastructure.

Why IBM QRadar?

Choosing among multiple SIEM solutions to offer to our customers, we were not guided by our preferences, but took into consideration all the aspects of the platform, including its compliance with security standards. its market position and customer experience. So why IBM QRadar?

  • IBM Security solutions help companies of different scales and industries to create a robust and holistic protection system enabling threat detection, prioritizing and addressing across the entire IT environment.
  • IBM Security QRadar is a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for SIEM, which proves its high position on the SIEM market.
  • QRadar offers comprehensive security information shown in a single web-based console.
  • QRadar includes the most extensive set of modules (Log Management, Security Intelligence, Network Activity Monitoring, Risk management, Vulnerability Management and Network Forensics) that guarantee the 360° view from the information security perspective.
  • QRadar provides strong out-of-the-box features that ensure faster deployment and scalability.
  • QRadar is the platform with Embedded Intelligence that allows for threat detection, offence prioritizing, as well as provides detailed data for forensic research.

Let the real success stories of our customers be one more proof of QRadar’s advantages.


ScienceSoft’s team offers full-cycle SIEM consulting services to align the platform’s capabilities with your IT infrastructure. To smoothly introduce QRadar to your enterprise, we:

  • Estimate the needed modules and licenses for a system to prevent event throttling and provide their time-efficient processing;
  • Carry out the assessment of your IT infrastructure to compile clear network hierarchy;
  • Determine all possible challenges, including insider frauds and external threats, as well as define essential log sources;
  • Validate the critical components of you current security architecture and identify SIEM essential requirements.


We provide QRadar software and perform all-round IBM QRadar implementation, including:

License estimation and delivery. We select and deliver the appropriate licenses based on the number of EPS (events per second) in a system as well as the requirements specific to your IT environment.

For companies that already use QRadar but find their system continuously over license, we provide license updates.

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