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Hudson Valley Homes for Sale

Living in Hudson Valley

So you are interested in in Newburgh, NY Real Estate? Then I am very glad you found “Hudson Valley Homes for Sale”, my website! My name is Janis Borgueta, I am a REALTOR® and licensed real estate agent in Newburgh; but most importantly, I am a homeowner here. Let me tell you why Hudson Valley and Newburgh is a great place to invest in property.

Newburgh is an area of land sits perched on the western shore of the Hudson River overlooking the picturesque Hudson Valley. We are comprised of a “town” and a “city,” which gives home buyers the best of both worlds with an urban and rural feel. Many people are unaware of our unique landscape: two distinct municipalities, the Town and City of Newburgh that share some of the best waterfront real estate in the Hudson Valley. Over two miles of shoreline, our panoramic Hudson River views allow us some pretty great bragging rights. Our home and land is an area rich in American History set with a majestic backdrop of mountains and the Hudson River.

More affordable housing and an ever-growing, diverse population, Newburgh communities and neighborhoods are expanding to accommodate more newcomers each and every day. Many are relocating from New York City and beyond. Newburgh has over 54,000 residents in both the City and Town of Newburgh. With over 20,000 occupied housing units, Newburgh is the perfect place to search for a new home .

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Newburgh’s available of homes for sale range from historic to contemporary. modest to grand. offering townhouses and single family homes to those that live in our borders. Neighborhoods range in price and style along with a budget to suit just about anyone. New construction homes are becoming more popular as value is ever increasing while remaining affordable.

This is great news for both home buyers and sellers. as well as providing jobs to local residents. New construction homes have never been more affordable and don’t last long once complete.

Newburgh’s excellent accessibility has earned it the moniker “The Crossroads of the Northeast.” Only 65 miles north of New York City, Newburgh is an ideal location for commuting. A one seat ride on Metro North to Grand Central Station allows many of our residents to work in New York City and live in the suburbs. Close proximity to Interstate 84, Interstate 87 on the New York Thruway make New York City, as well as Poughkeepsie, Middletown and New Jersey all a convenient ride. We are home to Stewart International Airport. which boasts one of the longest runways in North America as it is a former U.S. Air Force base. Wherever you need to go, you’ll find that Newburgh is an excellent central location.

Newburgh residents are not just commuters and many choose to work closer to home. We are a community where families like to stay together. Children that grow up here make the easy choice to remain in the area. Many students leave for college, but return to raise a family and become a part of our community. Finding a job and buying a home locally is a big priority as they are already in love with the Hudson Valley. Another new segment of our population is our relocation empty nesters. These retirees find Newburgh a great central location between other family members on the east coast. Thanks to its affordability, excellent amenities, and central accessibility, Newburgh has become the place to settle down later in life.

Newburgh NY Homes for Sale: Everything You Need to Know

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