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HP vs. Lenovo?

Ok, but as far as overheating goes, I shouldn’t really have that problem when it comes to computers of this caliber, correct? I’m not worried about the support services really, I’m just afraid of any kind of overheat.

Well. not exactly.

Based on reading many professionally laptop reviews, it seems average overall laptop temps have been increasing. This is partially due to relatively powerful CPUs in the laptop and maybe weight concerns. Since a heatsink is make of metal it is likely to be the single most heavy component used in building a laptop excluding the chassis. Manufacturers may be using smaller heatsinks to keep the weight down. Additionally, smaller laptops have less space for air to flow through which can also limit the amount of heat exhausted out of the laptop.

Larger laptops like 15.6″+ generally have more space inside so cooling can be more effective than in smaller laptops. For example, I can tell you for a fact that when I play games on my 14″ Lenovo Y470, the CPU typically hits 90C – 92C (basically the same temps reported in professionally written reviews of this laptop). The exception is GTA IV which hit 99C and caused the CPU to throttle down. Disabling Turbo Boost helped a little bit with temps, but they only dropped to mid 80C for most games and 90C for GTA IV. The Y470’s bigger brother, the 15.6″ Lenovo Y570 does not seem to have overheating issues like the Y470. Based on reviews, under gaming conditions the Lenovo Y570 typically tops out at about 75C (if I remember correctly). Still fairly warm, but nothing to be concerned about. The nVidia GT 550m in my Y470 hits only 65C when playing games like GTA IV which is not bad at all.

HP developed a bad reputation a few years ago which involved class-action lawsuits and recalls related to overheating issues. I think the overheating issue were due to the nVidia graphic chips used in HP’s laptops. Other brands used nVidia graphic chips, but it was only HP who really had to deal with class-action lawsuits. The generally means their laptops were poorly designed, perhaps not providing enough cooling to prevent the relatively high failure rates and overheating issues they were facing.

Here’s a SMALL part of my experience with the HP Envy m7-j120dx I purchased because I got a good deal without proper research of laptop reliability. I should point out that I posted the following on HP’s Facebook page. HP deleted my post and blocked me from posting on their wall.

It’s not just HP’s lousy support, it’s their low-quality, high failure rate computers.

I bought a new HP Envy m7-j120dx. It’s a piece of junk. I’ve had more problems with it in 6 months than I’ve had with the 20+ computers I’ve owned over the years. This is my first HP and the last. My first printer was an HP IIp laser printer, which lasted 10 years. After that, I bought several more HP printers and scanners until I discovered they were junk and HP no longer made quality products. (I know, it was stupidity on my part to buy an HP laptop. )

Just as an example, I ordered recovery disks. HP sent the wrong disks. It took three days arguing with them to admit they were the wrong disks and send new ones. Then, they didn’t actually send them and it took several chats and phone calls to get them to actually ship the disks.

I’ve had to reload this computer from scratch at least 5 times since I purchased it. It has sound problems, mouse problems, and many other problems, all of which are software issues.

The recovery disks I finally received were the correct ones, but they got damaged by a child who found them and decided he liked drawing on the shiny surfaces.

I ordered another set when my computer once again crashed and needed a reload. It took over an hour to place the order due to their crazy online system. I paid for 1 day delivery. On the day I was to receive the disks, I realized that HP had not emailed me an acknowledgement or a tracking number. I went to the website they provided and put in my information, but their system couldn’t find my order. I also discovered that they had authorized on my credit card, but not run the charge – which indicated to me they hadn’t shipped the disks. So, I had to waste another 30 minutes on the phone fighting their draconian telephone system to finally to speak to someone who was able to inform me that the disks had shipped and given me a tracking number. The disks were shipped, but they didn’t send me an acknowledgement and the system didn’t have a record of the order.

It’s amazing how often HP has phoned me to try and make me feel better about their horrid support and their inferior computers. Of course, no one every actually offered to do anything about the problems. They just phone to waste my time.

The above may seem minor, but I haven’t mentioned the numerous calls and chats with HP’s incompetent technical support. Never once have they actually fixed a problem and usually have made matters worse. I’ve given up on getting trackball or the built-in mousepad to work correctly.

This machine has a fancy “beats” sound system on it, but you can hardly hear it. My 5 year old Dell laptop that I bought used has a better sound system.

The feel of the keyboard is lousy. The Dell mentioned above and a Toshiba laptop I also own, both have better keyboards. If you need a lighted keyboard, pick another brand. So much light leaks around the edges of the keys on my HP laptop that you can hardly see the letters. Additionally, the keyboard lighting doesn’t time out, so it wastes battery power.

Then, there’s the fingerprint reader and password software. The OLD version worked great with IE, Chrome, and Firefox. It was one of the main reasons I bought the HP Envy, but after I bought it, I discovered that the NEW fingerprint reader and software on MY laptop only work on IE, which is I don’t use except when I have no choice – so, the fingerprint ready is basically useless.

I could go on with the many other problems and support horror stories, but if this isn’t enough to keep you from buying an HP computer, you need to have your head examined and there’s nothing further I can do to convince you.

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