How to Use the Disk Cleanup Tool in Windows: 7 Steps #computer #disk #cleanup


How to Use the Disk Cleanup Tool in Windows

Launch the app by searching your computer for disk cleanup or cleanmgr . Here’s how to do that depending on your Windows version:

  • Windows 10: Click or tap the search bar/icon or Start button in the lower left corner and begin typing.
  • Windows 8.1: Press the Start button in the lower left corner. Select the magnifying glass from the top right part of the Start screen and begin to type.
  • Windows 7 and Vista: Click the Start button and start typing in the search bar.
  • Windows XP: Click the Start button. Navigate to “All Programs Accessories System Tools Disk Cleanup”.

Choose the appropriate disk to be cleaned up if prompted.

Wait for the app to analyze what files can be removed.

Select what files from the list you want removed from your computer. If you want to save even more space, press Clean up system files and the app will reanalyze your device and give you the option to delete more files.

  • There is a description box at the bottom of the app that will tell you about the file you have selected right above.
  • Sort through the list carefully and uncheck what you want to keep (e.g. the Recycle Bin files if it contains files that you’re not sure you want to delete yet).