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How to remove screen from HP Pavilion dv5


Firstly I wanted to tell you how great your site is, keep up the great work!

I stumbled upon your site while trying to find some more info on how to replace the LCD screen I cracked in my DV4 notebook, everything in your writeup looks to be exactly the same as for my notebook except for for one thing the Flush Glass bezel (which I believe also came on some dv5 notebooks as well). From what I could see the notebook you were working on had the standard display bezel correct? I began to take the Flush Glass Bezel off as I would any other bezel but found it to be much more firmly attached and wouldn t simply snap off (nor easily peel back when gently prying under with a flat object and in fact began to crack in one area near the web cam). As such I wanted to see if you or anyone reading this might know what I m doing wrong or be able to give me some pointers.

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Matt, I have discovered that the flush glass lcd screens are a giant debacle and a horrible idea. The bezel does not come off. It s glued on the screen. I unfortunately had the bottom of the bezel break, along with the hinges, and have found this thing is not replaceable, which is ridiculous. HP = GARBAGE.


Please i want to know the type of the original screen in the (hp dv5) for example if it is (LG or samsung) and what is the Best on to buy thanx


There is a 15.4 screen that comes apart completely differently. The bezel is actually partially behind the front glass, and the metal frame that holds the screen to the lid (front? top? back?) also holds the hinges and is 3 sides of a square left, right and bottom. Sorry I don t explain it well. The glass has a black border itself, so it doesn t need the plastic one like the g50 does. Let me see if I can find a good manual. Go to H, support, troubleshooting manuals. The instructions are sometimes skimpy, and the pic not detailed enough, but it helps.


How do you do screen replacement on dv5-2129wm laptop?

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