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I was with Verizon in 2009 and got out of their contract due to their change of terms. I called them several times at that time to make sure I wouldn’t be charged for the early termination fee. Three of representatives (at different time on different days) confirmed that the early termination fee would be waived and I transfered my account out. However, Verizon charged me the early termination fee and didn’t want to say anyting about the approval of waiving the early temination fee although I have the representatives ID number and calling time and logs (I wrote down). I disputed through BBB and Verizon just kept ignoring my question of why they agreed to waive the fee but charged me after I transferred out. The BBB could not do further and I later just ignored the bill.

Verizon got several different collection agencies for the bill but every one of the collection agency quit asking for the invalid debt after I explained them the situation. However, the bill was reported to credit bureaus as charge-off. Recently I wanted to do refinancing on my mortgage but got denied due to the charge-off. My credit score is good at around 730.

My question is how I can get the charge off removed from my credit report. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.