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Things You’ll Need

Visit Type in your zip code. Then pick the home insurance type that you need: homeowners, condo, town home, landlord, or renter. For the site walkthrough, I clicked on homeowner. This brings up another page in which you plug in the year the home was built, the number of stories, property type, and exterior walls. Next, garage, basement, home security system, and roof type. Plug in the square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms (full and half), fireplaces, decks. There is also an area of potential discounts on this page: deadbolts, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, manned fire station within 5 miles, and nearby fire hydrant. The next page is for add-ons such as hot tub or central air as well as a list of dogs. Check if you own any of them (such as Rottweiler or Pitbull). Next it asks about your current home insurance coverage and the estimated replacement cost of the house, not the house and the land. Then it asks what kind of deductible and liability coverage you would like to have. Finally, it asks for your date of birth and the address of the home to be insured. It then asks for past insurance claims and any valuable items that you would like to have insured. It acts for you to rate your credit (excellent, good, some problems or major problems). It then shows a review of the information that you provided. Plug in you name, phone number, and email and you’re done.

There is fine print to keep in mind when using this site: By clicking Continue and seeking a quote request, I authorize and agree that up to eight insurance companies or their agents and InsureMe partners may contact me using this information or to obtain additional information needed to provide quotes where permitted by law. Insurance companies or their agents that receive a quote request from InsureMe may confirm my information through the use of a consumer report, which may include my credit score and driving record. I authorize and instruct InsureMe and its partners to obtain a consumer report. I acknowledge that I have read and understand all of the InsureMe Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Another website to use: This site requires a great deal less information. This may seem better but the first website might be more accurate with its quotes. This site needs to know the type of house, square feet, number of bedrooms and baths, year built, alarm, construction, electric system, purchase price of the house, claims, and your name, address, phone, email, birth date, and gender. The nice part about this website is that you fill out all the information on the same page. One page and then you’re on your way to finding the best home insurance policy for you.

Some insurance companies that are more famous for their car insurance, such as Allstate and State Farm also offer home insurance. Most cases, if you insure both your car and house under the same company, you will receive a discount rate. Might as well shop around for the best car insurance quote if you are going this route. See my link under resources for finding free car insurance quotes online.

It is important to buy home insurance. Your home is the most important investment you will ever make. Why wouldn’t you want to find the best home insurance policy to protect that investment?