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How to find cheap flights to Nicaragua

There are cheap daily flights to Nicaragua, but the price will depend on where you are flying from and when you book. Flying from Canada and other cities other than Houston, Dallas and Miami will necessitate a full day’s travel to get to Nicaragua. Delta, American Airlines, United, Avianca (formerly TACA airlines) and Air Canada provide flights to Nicaragua. All international flights to Managua fly into the Augusto C. Sandino Airport (MGA) at the current time. There was recently talk of another international airport being built on Ometepe Island. but it only serves the national airline, La Costeña.

Air Canada flies direct to Managua from Toronto International airport but the flight is over $900 CAD once you add in the high travel tax rates charged on travel out of Canada. There is still one stopover between Toronto and Managua. You will not find any cheap flights to Nicaragua with Air Canada. Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines operate from Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and Miami direct to Managua with daily flights direct to Managua.

Avianca (formerly TACA airlines), an airline of Columbia and Central America also operate flights to Nicaragua. You may book with one airline from North America and your second connection with this airline. If flying from Canada, there is a five hour stopover in Salvador, the capital city of El Salvador.

When booking a cheap flight to Nicaragua, be sure to check your dates of arrival and departure because sometimes it will require two days of flying and stopovers just to get to Managua. This is probably very inconvenient for you. Some cheap flights to Nicaragua fly first to cities such as Panama and other countries in Central America so be sure to verify the itinerary and dates and times of stopovers in other countries so as not to inconvenience yourself. You can find cheap flights to Nicaragua through the Cheapoair, a leading provider of discount airline tickets website for people flying from the U.S. and Canada.

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