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How To Adjust Toilet For Best Flush Power And Fill Valve Water Level Height

Опубликовано: 9 мар. 2013 г.

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OK. As you can see this water level is getting just way too close to the top for the fill valve. What it will do is start running and I wanted to show you how you can adjust the fill. There is a couple ways.

You can adjust the post height by loosening the collar nut down here and pushing the deal on further. That is like a major adjustment and that a more minor adjustment is just to turn it here to increase the length of the spindle in between so that the water shuts off further. So I will show you that here. For minor adjustments that works just fine. You can see the post is getting longer so it’s gonna shut off the water sooner. Anyway I pretty much adjusted it all the way and now we will flush it so we can see how much it fills up. If that is not enough we will slip the collar nut up and push the whole thing down on the post. Just a little bit longer here. There we go. That is perfect. So now it is just not so high. That shut off sooner. Not getting close to overflowing the fill tube. Anyway that is one way to adjust it. I will show you the other way here.

The other way is right here you would reach down. Slip this up and than push the fill valve, the whole thing down on the fill tube. That is a little bit safer to shut off the water. I just slipped the cap back on but anyway. That is how you can adjust your water levels for optimum flush. If you needed to increase your flush power you could set it so the water is a little bit higher.

These are gravity flush toilets. So anyway that is how to adjust the fill valve on your toilet. If you had the old ball cock style sometimes you can bend the arm down so that the float shuts off sooner if you needed to. Also there is an adjustment screw on the top of the ball cock assembly but that’s another story for another day. We’re good to go.