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How Much Does Towing Cost?

How much does motorcycle insurance costBefore we dive into the subject of the cost of professional towing, let me just say that you’re not going to like the answer. In short, it just depends.

Like most any other service in the world, location, time, environment and tons of other variables are going to affect how much your tow costs. Here’s just a few examples of items that directly affect the cost of an average tow:

  • Time—How long will the tow driver spend on your car? Do you need a tow at one in the morning or normal business hours?
  • Distance—Are you being towed five or fifty miles?
  • Weather—Adverse conditions mean a harder tow, and a harder tow means it’ll be more costly.
  • Vehicle Condition—If your car is stuck in the mud or wrapped around a telephone pole, removing it may be billed at an hourly rate.
  • Location—If you need a tow, try to breakdown by a towing company. It cuts down on the time they have to drive to you.

Already you can see the different factors that go into determining the cost of your tow.

Typical Towing Costs

There are a few items that’ll be on almost every towing bill. First, you’re probably going to have a base rate, also known as a hook-up fee. This industry standard can range from $20-$75 and just depends on the company. Some areas also have legal limits on towing fees, which puts a cap on what towing companies can charge.

Along with your hook-up fee, you’ll have a per-hour charge for the tow. Much like how a cab company charges you, this is going to be a few bucks for every mile they drive you. Depending on your towing distance, this could be as little as $10 and as much as $1,000. (If you start getting into the $100 and up ranges, talk to your tower about a flat fee for the distance to save some money.)

Depending on the make and weight of your vehicle, you might also see a heavy-duty vehicle charge. Each towing company will settle this on an individual basis, but if you have more than four wheels you’re probably going to get hit with this charge.

Roadside Assistance Benefits

When looking at the cost of towing, remember that some insurance companies and roadside assistance programs offer free or reduced-cost towing as part of the package. Inquire about a new plan or check your existing one for a compatible company that’ll save you money on emergency tows.

If you know you need a tow, call ASAP Towing so we can estimate your cost and work with you to get your car where it needs to be at a cost you can afford.

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If you need your car towed, call ASAP towing and we ll treat you and your car with respect.

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