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How Long Will it Take to Get a Real Estate License

We are often asked what the actual time frame is to complete training and get your real estate license .  This isn t the easiest question to answer because it depends   What state are you in?  What are that states license requirements ?  How much time can you commit toward your training?  How diligent are you toward working for your goals?  We aren t trying to cop out, just being realistic.  Here is a bit of general information to guide you in your search.

Each state is a bit different in their requirements, some require a bachelor s degree, others physical real estate training and still others are O.K. with virtual classrooms and online training.  To break this down lets look at each of these.

Bachelor s degree  depending on your personal secondary education would take anywhere from a full 4 years (more if you are not a full time student) to a minimum of a semester of classes on Real Estate.

Physical Real Estate Training Real estate schools, these are usually set up so that you take one class at a time and focus on one aspect of real estate training.  There may be several of these classes that you must complete, such as a Fundamentals class, State Law class, Contracts etc.  These are paced to meet the states required clock hours for training.  This means that if the state requires 30 hours of State Law, you re physically in the class room for 30 hours.  This may be 1 day a week for a number of weeks, or 1 solid week of training depending on the school.  The school may or may not have breaks between these courses.  Check with your school of choice for information on times, and schedules.

Virtual or online training is still guided by state requirements, but usually you set the pace.  The computer software times you as you train, and will require a specific number of clock hour of study, before you can move on to the next program course.  This however, is a great option for persons with limited time, as you can work at your own pace, completing a 30 hour class in a day and a half or over the course of several weeks as your schedule allows.  The only real drawback to virtual / online training is motivation If you aren t a self motivator, it may take a long time to complete your classes, after all, there is always something more important going on.

In addition to the training aspect, you also have to take a pass the state real estate exam .  These are not usually given on a daily basis, so you may end up waiting a day to a month for the test to be administered in your area, or they may have a waiting list that you will have to be put on.  After you have taken and passed the state license exam. you are usually given a temporary license until the state can process and send out your license.

Want specifics?

  • Check out our state licensing pages. for your state.
  • Speak with a Real Estate Broker in your area, they are a great source of information, and can point you in the direction of a school that will fit your needs.
  • Contact your local Community College or real estate school .

Anything worth doing, is worth putting in the time for.  And becoming a real estate agent is worth your time.