How Can I Get A Free Credit Report In 2013? #comparing #credit #cards

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How Can I Get A Free Credit Report In 2013?

January 9th, 2013 | Author: Stephanie

[T]he New Year has officially begun and it’s a great time for all of us to review our credit reports. Life gets so busy that some of us forget we are entitled to at least one free credit report a year. So one of your first New Year’s resolutions should be to review each of your credit reports for accuracy .

Annual Credit Report is the only website officially approved by the United States federal government for the purpose of free credit reports. Avoid other websites that may demand your credit card information. Not only do you risk receiving outdated or inaccurate credit reports, but also you will likely eventually see charges for credit monitoring services. The very fine print usually says you get your credit report free only as a “trial.” If you do not cancel in a rather short period of time, such as seven days, the company will charge your credit card.

It is easier to get a free credit report online. You must provide your full name, current address, date of birth, and Social Security number. Generally, you will answer two to four multiple choice questions to verify your identity. Common subjects include your previous addresses, current or former lenders, and names of family members.

If you cannot prove your identity online or prefer using the telephone, call 877-322-8228. You will go through a similar process over the telephone. However, in some cases you might need to send in a copy of your photo identification. This might seem annoying, but it is to protect you. Under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, only you or companies you authorize can legally see your credit information. After all, most people probably do not want their neighbors reviewing their credit reports!

You can only get a free credit report in this manner once every 12 months. If you already reviewed a complimentary copy of your credit information, you might still be able to get another copy for free.  However, you will need to call each credit bureau directly. The numbers are as follows: Equifax, 877-322-8228; Experian, 888-397-3742; and TransUnion, 800-888-4213.

Acceptable reasons for getting another complimentary credit report include a recent credit denial, suspected identity theft, or an imminent employment search. If you cannot get another free report, you can usually buy a new copy for about $5 to $15 depending upon the company as well as your state of residence.

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