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How Bad Can Advantage Rent-a-Car Be?

Shopping for a rental car in San Diego, which seems to have the nation’s highest tourist trap/business-paying-for-it fees. Advantage is half the price of Hertz and even considerably lower than Thrifty.

Advantage is a leisure oriented car rental division of Hertz. Cannot speak to San Diego, but I have rented from them within the past year in Denver and Seattle at 50% discount over Hertz’s on airport costs. You can use a Hertz CPD #’s (e.g. USAA) when making the reservation to get corporate discounts. A little bit less convenient than a Hertz gold card experience, off airport usually, (although not at DCA for example); in Denver the agent tried the usual upsell by saying she would put me in a tiny Fiat or equivalent, and I told her I had not tried one, and that might be interesting to drive; of course they didn’t have any and I was in Toyota Camry instead at no charge.

So can’t guarantee the experience, but you might do fine.

Jan 5, 13 2:44 pm by Mike Rivers

Jan 8, 13 7:41 pm by randix

I’ve rented from Advantage many, many times, in both San Diego and around San Francisco, never had a problem, cars were fine. Look, everyone has a horror story, that generally doesn’t mean it’s fair to extrapolate it to an entire company, whether we’re talking airline, hotel or car.

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