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Whether you live in a high-rise residence hall with friends, with family in university family housing, or in an off-campus apartment, your home at UC Berkeley is an important – and exciting – part of your college experience.

Here s how you can choose the best housing option for you.

1. Explore housing options.

UC Berkeley’s housing options are as varied as our students! There are a number of on-campus options and off-campus facilities operated by the university.

On campus – from traditional high-rise residence halls to suite environments, from single-gender living to theme programs – you’ll find a housing choice that fits your needs and provides a supportive community. A few things for new students to consider: In the past few years, 95 percent or more of entering freshmen live in university housing.

Although there are differences that make each one unique, all Berkeley residence halls include live-in staff (providing both social and academic support), community centers, on-site laundry, easy access to transportation, and much more. Theme houses (also known as Theme Programs ) combine residential living with a particular academic focus.

For students who are married, single parents, or domestic partners, the campus maintains 970 apartments in its family student housing site, University Village .

Off-campus housing is an option for all students, through Cal Rentals .

Explore housing options to learn more about what each environment has to offer.

2. Review the rates and meal plans.

Once you’ve narrowed your housing options or decided on the one that’s right for you, it’s time to take care of business. Review the rates. policies. and deadlines (with your parents, if necessary).

You’ve found the right home, you’ve selected a meal plan – now all you need to do is apply! Be sure to follow the process step-by-step and meet those deadlines. For those who are new to the process, we can step you through the process of how to apply. Congratulations and welcome to your new home at UC Berkeley!

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