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Established in 2002 HotSpotVPN is a pure VPN service with your privacy and protection at the core of it’s business model.

The Tiny Hardware Firewall is the ultimate in endpoint protection for only 6.25 cents per day!

  • HotSpotVPN has both hardware and software solutions.
  • Pricing for HotSpotVPN1 (pptp) $0.24 per day.
  • Pricing for HotSpotVPN2 (openvpn) $0.30 – $0.38 per (includes free pptp vpn account).
  • Unlike other VPN services HotSpotVPN can optionally virus scan and inspect all Internet traffic elements before they are sent to you. All known intrusion atempts and traffic infected with known viruses and malware are removed from your traffic stream before it is forwarded to you.
  • HotSpotVPN offers the strongest encryption (256bits vs. 128bits) of any commercially available Virtual Private Network. If the government wont use 128bit encryption why should you?
  • For the last ten years HotSpotVPN’s servers have resided in redundant geographicly dispersed secure data centers. Each server enjoys a gigabit connection to the data center’s multi gigabit backbone.