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“I remember asking my administrator, ‘is it really this simple?’ For me the biggest benefit is that Hospicesoft checks for compliance continuously. It gives me a whole, wide range of reports.”

“Charting, plan of care and compliance were 3 things we were really looking to streamline. Hospicesoft gave us all of that and more. HospiceSoft is patient driven. We can capture and chart real-time data at the point of care”

“I was able to learn the program within a day… staff picks it up right away and are able to begin creating care plans and using the software without any issue whatsoever. Anything that comes up regarding frequencies, late care plans or a nurse missed something… alerts pop up on the dashboard and can be taken care of right away.”

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“I like that the support provides quick feedback for me whenever I need it so we can operate effectively! I also love how the Plan of Care is straightforward and easy to use during IDG.”

“I love the ability with the dashboards to see an overall picture of what the staff is doing with the patients, what forms are overdue, etc. Having that real-time information right there can make a huge difference.”

“Hospice Management Suite is very easy to use! We love that we can access it from anywhere on any device! Also, as our staff has learned the software, it s been a much smoother transition for them than we had anticipated.”

“The customer service was great! Everyone was extremely helpful and accommodating. Every time I had a question or needed help, they made sure to get in touch with me as soon as possible. It was a huge help!”

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