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Wichita, KS Homeowners Insurance Quotes Rates!

Homeowners living in Wichita, KS can find more affordable home insurance premiums when they shop multiple insurance companies with HomeInsuranceKing.com. We can compare cost amongst different providers, but can also review better coverage options. Savings for Wichita residents also comes in when you apply the available discounts and credits toward your home insurance policy.

Wichita’s Average Premiums & Discounts

Residents of Wichita. and all of Kansas are higher than average when it comes to the cost of insuring their home. Wichita ranks number 6 in a recent study with the average premium coming in at $1,431 per year.

While Wichita homeowners already enjoy pretty reasonable homeowners rates, there are always ways to find more affordable home insurance coverage. Opting to receive your bills and policies via email instead of through snail mail will garner a small discount, somewhere in the range of 5 percent.

Paying your annual premium up front can also result in a small discount. Experts recommend paying in full if you can afford it. While neither of these discounts is huge on their own, added up they can make a real difference. Please visit our homeowners insurance discounts page to learn how to easy it is to cost on your premium.

Factors to Consider in Wichita, KS

Wichita s crime rate is slightly above other areas in Kansas. Despite the fact that Wichita is a pretty safe place to live, crime can definitely affect your homeowner rates. When shopping for a new home, check crime rates online and request free quotes from us to get an idea of insurance costs in that area.

Most insurance experts advise consumers to shop their insurance at least once a year. If you are currently shopping your policy for your home in Wichita, we can help. The online quoting process is free, quick and easy. Our insurance partners are top rated carriers who have been in business for several decades and will provide you with the best rates available. Start your Wichita, KS home insurance quote today by entering your zip code. Or give us a call now for free home insurance quotes 1-913-276-4017!

Wichita, KS Home Facts

The city of Wichita in Kansas is roughly around 382,368 residents in population size with 151818 occupied homes within the city of Wichita. The average family household in Wichita is 94862.

Average Number of Residents Living in Wichita, KS.

Liability coverage helps protect your family against certain lawsuits, your family would consist of everyone living within your home residence. Speak with our local Wichita homeowners insurance agent about the right home insurance coverage for you.

This is the average home value in Wichita, KS.

Your home insurance agent will ask you about your dwelling coverage. The replacement value (dwelling coverage) is different than the market value of your home. In other words, the price to replace your home is not the same as the price you would get if you wanted to sell your home within the local real estate market because the cost of the land does not need to be factored into the replacement cost. Use our Home Insurance Calculator to get a Wichita, KS replacement value estimate.

This is the average Wichita, KS household income.

When shopping for insurance, savings is top priority. We understand how important affordable rates are you and your family. Check out what homeowners are paying on average for Kansas homeowners insurance .

This is the average home elevation in Wichita, KS

Elevation is crucial to a homeowners insurance policy because it determines the risk of your home being in a flood zone. Please understand that your home is not covered for floods under a standard home insurance policy. You will need to speak with your local Kansas homeowners insurance agent about a flood insurance policy.

To get a quote on your home and compare rates on home insurance premiums in Wichita, enter your zip code above and easily complete our online quoting application. Remember, it’s important to speak with us about additional home insurance discounts so you can get the best rate for your home in Sedgwick County .

Kansas News & Information

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Home Insurance Tools Tips

Do you have questions about Wichita, KS homeowners insurance? Review frequently asked questions!

Learn some tips and tricks about home insurance to help you receive additional discounts on your policy in Wichita.

Get the most recent Kansas home insurance news about rates, companies and coverages.

Wichita, KS Dwelling Coverage Estimate

It is important to calculate your dwelling coverage for your home in Wichita so you know what type of homeowners insurance coverage you need to cover your replacement cost. It is recommended to have enough dwelling coverage to rebuild your home if it was destroyed by a covered peril.

Minimum Replacement Cost Total: $84,646

Location: Wichita, Kansas (Sedgwick County)

Average Building Cost Per Square Foot in Wichita: $100

Average Square Footage in Wichita: 846 Sq. Ft.

Home Improvement Status

The dwelling coverage is calculated by the average cost per square foot ($100) in Wichita, Kansas times your heated square footage. Which would equal the cost to rebuild your home minus the cost of the property or land. Some homes will have a higher replacement cost due to home improvements like updated kitchens and bathrooms. Other upgrades may include: granite countertops, hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances. The national square foot average to buld a brand new home is around 2500 square feet. So if you are looking to build, and your square footage of your new home is 2500, you are looking at a dwelling coverage premium of around $312,500 (Media price to build of $125 x 2500 sq. ft.) to cover the cost to rebuild your new home.

Wichita, KS
Home Insurance Quotes!

You can easily compare quotes for your home in Wichita, KS! It’s easy and only takes a minute!

Compare up to 12 Rates!

Wichita, KS Household Information

  • Population: 382,368
  • Avg. Households Per Zip Code: 6,255
  • Avg. Person Per House: 3
  • Avg. House Value: $84,646
  • Avg. Income Per Household: $42,669
  • Avg. Elevation: 1305 ft.
  • Region: Midwest
  • Division: West North Central
  • Area Code(s): 316

Zip Codes in Wichita, KS

Easily review average rates and get multiple homeowners insurance quotes by clicking your zip code below located in the city of Wichita.

Are you looking for homeowners insurance in a city near Wichita?

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