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It is statistically proven that depression rates are higher among people who suffer from alcoholism and addiction. So much so, in fact, that there are entire treatment centers and rehabilitation facilities that are geared specifically towards people who suffer from

By: Stodzy | 26 May 2017

Until the day comes when we finally find ourselves gracing the seats of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, it can be easy to call other people alcoholics or to joke about being one without actually understanding what it means. I used

By: Stodzy | 18 May 2017

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this topic, I would like to point out that I am writing this blog for informational purposes only, for parents, loved ones, and family members of people who are using. This

By: Stodzy | 17 May 2017

After deciding to change our path and transition into sobriety, one thing is for sure, we are going to be uncomfortable at times. It s like learning everything for the first time. The one thing we know best, (using) is gone

By: Stodzy | 12 May 2017

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous puts it simply; “Physicians who are familiar with alcoholism agree there is no such thing as making a normal drinker out of an alcoholic.” page 31. Yet, this is the common idea of the

By: Stodzy | 12 May 2017

There seems to be a common misconception that when one stops drinking and using, that we will out of nowhere become these perfect people. I think as alcoholics and addicts, we have an inner need for perfection, thus, this thought

By: Stodzy | 5 May 2017

Hello, I’m an alcoholic and I had a huge problem with God and the so called higher power when I first got sober. Sound familiar? Cool, you’re like me. Doesn’t sound familiar? Even better, you go! You might know the

By: Stodzy | 5 May 2017

If there s one thing that I know for certain, it is that when I finally became willing to turn myself over to the program, my entire life changed. When the people in the rooms say that all we need is

By: Stodzy | 28 April 2017

These are just most of the insurance providers that we cover. Please call for more information 1-877-723-7117

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Holistic Recovery Centers offers quality addiction treatment that can help you or your loved one overcome addiction for good. Our multidimensional program provides clients with the necessary tools to combat relapse and enjoy long-lasting recovery from drugs & alcohol.

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