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Your Consultation is Fast, Easy and Free:

Our mission is to connect you to expert annuity advisors that will help you review your annuity options, give you clear answers to your questions and provide you with the annuities that best match your retirement objectives. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with resolving your retirement planning, so simply fill in the information above or call 1-800-208-2504 for your free consultation today.

Retirement Planning with Annuities:

Annuities are now in the mainstream of foundational conservative retirement planning. For many years, annuities have been pushed to the side by the investment industry promoting diversification through a multitude of risk-oriented securities investments. With the current prospects of a volatile and potentially down or flat economy for the next decade or two, the advantages of annuities in a balanced portfolio are all too obvious as investors go forward.

Expert Annuity Advisors:

We highly recommend that you work with an expert annuity advisor. Our network of expert annuity advisors operate under a strict code of ethics, highly recommended and have strong references by clients, peers and other related industry professionals. They will work with you to ensure that to make optimal retirement planning decisions.

Retirement Annuity Resources:

Annuities are at the forefront as an asset allocation of choice for securing retirements during these turbulent financial times. While there are numerous investment choices, they do not fully answer all of the fundamental retirement questions like annuities. Learn how an annuity can help you: no matter how long you live you will never run out of money, no matter how bad the economy is you will never run out of money, if you pre-decease your spouse they will never run out of money, set up a self-directed pension that you control and own, securely grow your nest egg to keep up with or beat inflation, get safety of principal and beat banks by earning higher interest, enjoy capital gains during an up stock market and suffer no loss in a down stock market, keep your money growing without paying tax as it grows and reposition your IRA, 401K, 403B, 457, etc. for safety, growth and income.

The Safety of Annuities:

With fixed annuities state regulation forces insurance companies to follow statutory accounting unlike GAAP accounting methods utilized by publicly owned corporations. Insurance institutions are required to demonstrate to state regulatory authorities that dollar for dollar a client�s premium is safely on deposit in secure financial vehicles such as investment grade bonds or government bonds. They are also required to have reserves known as additional surplus reserves.

Each insurance company also must enroll in a mandated state insurance guarantee association (SIGA) whereby insured clients have minimum guarantees of $100,000 on annuity funds and $300,000 on life insurance death benefits. Beyond this, third party rating agencies examine these insurance institutions for safety and security including A.M. Best, Moody�s, Standard and Poor�s, Fitch and Weiss. These rating agencies produce detailed reports consisting of hundreds of pages of analysis from in depth audits. They also summarize the insurers near term and long term future rating outlook typically as positive, negative or stable.

Annuity Types Offer Various Possibilities:

Annuity options are plentiful and include immediate annuity, deferred annuity, fixed annuity and variable annuity. The immediate annuity gives you the ability to receive income immediately for a set period of time or for the remainder of your life. This option proves especially good for individuals who are nearing retirement and find the need to supplement their income. The deferred annuity is optimal for fixed income after a certain period of time. This allows your invested annuity capital to grow tax deferred until you covert it into an income stream. The fixed annuity pays you a fixed income monthly from the time that you decide to begin getting money. The tax deferred interest rate that you receive monthly is pre-determined and will not change. The variable annuity invests capital in stocks and bonds that is subject to change each month due to market fluctuations. It grows on a tax-deferred basis, and the annuitant can decide to receive the returns immediately or over a long-term basis. The majority of variable annuities also have a fixed account with an interest rate selection for allocating current assets.

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