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HTC High-Speed Internet Access

High speed internet solutionsHTC is your most reliable local internet provider, offering a wide variety of internet plans with broadband, DSL and fiber deals.

Internet speed is crucial to keeping your streaming devices performing at optimum levels, and HTC s broadband deals with no hidden equipment charges will ensure your wireless internet exceeds your expectations.

HTC has also began laying fiber optic internet in some parts of its service area, offering an internet connection of up to a gigabit of speed. It s the latest in fast internet.

For the best internet deals, contact our customer service team today at 843-365-2154.

HTC High-Speed Internet Features

  • No hidden fees equipment included
  • Free home Wi-Fi
  • FREE 24/7 local tech support
  • FREE Security Suite anti-virus, anti-spam, enhanced firewall and more. Click here for more information.
  • Up to 7 Email Addresses

World-Class Service Features

Reliability – HTC networks keep you connected to the world wide web.

Security – HTC servers are secure and local.

Privacy – HTC does NOT sell or market your email address.

Email Virus Protection – Stops email viruses.

Web Email Access – Check your email from anywhere.

Local Content – Local news, sports and weather.

Monthly eNewsletter – Valuable tips and interesting links.

24/7/365 Technical Support – Always available, always FREE! – 843-365-2186

Electronic Billing – View and pay all your HTC accounts online.

HTC is making significant speed increases in our high-speed internet network. Our goal is to provide faster new speed tiers starting with up to 75Mbps download throughout the majority of our network by the end of 2017. Our fiber neighborhoods already have the new faster speeds.

For more details, please call HTC High-Speed Internet at 843-369-8982.

For Internet Technical Support, please call 843-365-2186.