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Help Desk Software

Key components include:

Real Asset Management – See all of the IT assets on your network (computers, software, and other devices), and their attributes, in a single view.

Network Discovery – Use automatic network discovery capabilities to scan your network to discover your IT assets (both agent-based and agentless).

Monitoring – Use SysAid Monitoring to monitor your IT network, servers, mobile devices, system processes, SNMP traps, and more.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) – SysAid MDM’s capabilities let admins secure both corporate and personal smartphones and tablets, and to manage them as IT assets.

Patch Management Powered by GFI – Use automation to keep Windows-based servers and workstations up-to-date with the latest security patches and software updates.

Get the reports, dashboards, and KPIs you need to understand and communicate your IT performance and make better IT and business decisions in minutes.

Key components include:

Reports – Generate detailed reports on your IT performance, service quality, IT assets, project tasks, and more.

BI – Choose from 15 pre-configured templated KPIs to get started immediately, or customize the interface to suit your needs.

Manager Dashboard – View real-time visualizations of IT’s activities and performance, and generate built-in reports.


Save time and money using the SysAid tools to optimize personal and team performance, and to improve service delivery.

Key components include:

Mobile Apps – Manage your IT activities, and view IT asset information, on-the-go with SysAid Mobile Apps.

System Interfaces – Integrate SysAid with your existing IT environment, such as LDAP and email.

Third-Party Integrations – Integrate SysAid with third-party software applications and services, such as SAP, Salesforce, and Google Apps.

Tasks Projects – Manage your projects and the corresponding project tasks. View progress in charts plus the links and dependencies between project tasks.

SysAid Remote Desktop – Let end users remotely, and securely, connect to their work desktops from anywhere, via any device connected to the internet or intranet.

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