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ODH has posted on its website a list of Ohio properties whose owners have refused to comply with an order from the Ohio Department of Health to control known lead hazards. For a property to be included on the list, a child younger than age 6 living in the home tested positive for an elevated blood lead level; this triggered a public health lead investigation by ODH or its delegated local board of health, and the investigation identified a lead hazard in the home (the most common being deteriorating lead-based paint in pre-1978 housing); a Lead Hazard Control Order was issued to the property owner, ordering him/her to control the lead hazard; and the property owner refused to control the lead hazard, so an Order to Vacate the property was issued, declaring it unsafe for human occupation, especially for children younger than 6 years old and pregnant women. We think that in addition to giving people access to a list of lead-safe housing, it also makes sense to give them access to a list of properties that are known to have uncontrolled lead hazards, said Gene Phillips, Chief of the ODH Bureau of Environmental Health and Radiation Protection.

Welcome to our community website.

As of late Friday afternoon (September 2, 2016), the Trumbull County Combined Health District is no longer under an EPA Consent Decree. The following are the three major points that concern our agency:

The Board of Health can grant a variance from sewer tie-in provided that the property has a functioning on-lot septic system that is not creating a public health nuisance defined by ORC 3718.011. Discharging systems (off-lots) cannot apply for variance.

Virgin lots platted before January 1, 2007 per OAC 3701-29-06 (F) can now be considered for coverage under the OEPA general permit pertaining to NPDES systems (off-lots).

Installers can install any system that is approved by Ohio Department of Health and on the ODH approved list without pump station and sand filters.

Trumbull County Combined Health District has partnered with Kent State University to offer team members, constituents and their families exceptional educational opportunities through flexible, high quality and relevant academic programs. Through its regionally accredited online Master s programs, Kent State University can help you meet your personal and professional goals.

Kent State’s programs are designed to challenge aspiring professionals who want to expand their scope of knowledge and move into career leadership positions. KSU offers online graduate programs for those seeking an MPA, MPH, Criminology and Criminal Justice or GIScience degree to help advance their career path. We look forward to guiding you into the next phase of your education and helping you reach your personal and professional goals.

To learn more about online graduate offerings at Kent State, contact us at 844-234-4074 or visit us at

Project DAWN of Trumbull County

Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) is being offered by the Trumbull County Health Department through a grant from the Trumbull Memorial Health Foundation. A supporting Organization of the Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley and through a partnership with the Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board. It is a community-based drug overdose education and Naloxone Distribution Program that is provided to reverse opiate overdoses. If interested in obtaining a kit and to schedule an appointment, call the Health Department at: (330)-675-2590 option #3.

Board of Health

*** The Board of Health meets the 4th Wednesday of every month at various locations throughout the county

Areas Served

All townships, villages, and cities located in Trumbull County are serviced by our office, with the exception of the cities of Warren and Girard. These cities operate their own Health Departments for residents of their specific health districts.

The public can telephone, write, or visit our department to access our services.

Other Services

The Health Department continually provides services in the environmental and nursing divisions. However, our department also participates in liaison networks in the community and other public health efforts that include prevention strategies and a number or programs funded by state grants.

All services are important whether they be direct health services by our nursing division, clinic, or the issuance of permits and licenses. All services and programs provided work hand-in-hand to keep the community healthy.

Our office is always available to advise or answer any questions.

Click the following two links for influenza information:

We are located at:

Trumbull County Health Department
176 Chestnut Ave. NE
Warren, OH 44483

Board Member Nomination Petition Qualifications

The Trumbull County Health Department is governed by a five member board. The board members are appointed by the Trumbull County District Advisory Council, which consists of one representative from each township, village, and city in the Trumbull County General Health District.

Agency staffing includes:

  • A clerical and administrative staff
  • A Health Commissioner who must be a licensed physician or possess a masters degree in Public Health
  • Public Health nurses who are registered nurses
  • Public Health sanitarians who are registered sanitarians

Lead Information

Due to recent events of lead found in drinking water, please see the attached links on what you need to know about lead in your drinking water to protect yourself and your family, or visit our Facebook page . visit the Ohio Department of Health website or the Ohio EPA

Flood Information

Floods, big or small, can have devastating effects on your home and your family. You can take steps to reduce the harm caused by flooding. Learn how to prepare for a flood, stay safe during a flood, and protect your health when you return home after a flood.

Special Needs Registry