Handling the Costs of LASIK Surgery #cost #of #lasic


Handling the Costs of LASIK Surgery

Handling the Costs of LASIK Surgery

One of the many things that keeps people from deciding to have LASIK surgery performed are the cost factors involved. LASIK is not an inexpensive procedure, and is also not covered by most insurance plans because it is often considered cosmetic and not medically necessary. Also, there is no set price for the procedure as different people have different degrees of damage to their vision. So, between that and the different types of LASIK procedures, costs for LASIK surgery in San Diego can vary greatly.

When you go for your initial consultation with a San Diego LASIK center, you will learn all the cost variables and the different LASIK techniques that there are to choose from. Depending on what San Diego LASIK eye surgery doctor you choose and how much experience he and his practice have with this procedure, prices can have a large range. It can run anywhere from about $499 per eye to well over $2,000 per eye. The low quote is often found on LASIK advertisements and very rarely ends up being the true cost. A price of $499 per eye is usually for the most basic eye issues and often is only for the surgery itself and nothing else.

Most cost quotes that are higher include both pre-op and post-op visits, as well as the procedure itself, which can be performed with a variety of different types of lasers, as LASIK technology is constantly changing and evolving. You can often feel confident with a higher quote because you know you will be getting the best possible care with experienced doctors. San Diego LASIK surgery doctors are at the top of their field and well sort the cost of getting the best possible outcome.

The cost of San Diego LASIK surgery does not just include doctor fees, however. There is much overheard for this procedure and a portion of your fee goes to cover the maintenance of the high tech LASIK equipment, the price of rent for the office the doctor is based out of, salaries for the doctor’s staff and often any enhancement of the procedure you may need. (Although many people find they do not need enhancement at all.)

Other things that factor into the cost of LASIK surgery in San Diego and other parts of the country are different custom procedures that are now offered. The more specialized the surgery, the more costly it can end up being. While the price of LASIK surgery may seem daunting to many, testimonials show that it is often well worth the money spent.

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