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Bankruptcy Car Loans

We know how important it is for you to have a vehicle to get back and forth to work or run errands, that’s why we have come up with our bankruptcy auto loan program. As soon as you file, Northwest Car Loans can help you get a car loan during or after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy through one of our many programs.

Special Finance to

Re-establish Your Credit

Special financing is often times a great solution for people with bad credit or a bankruptcy. It may seem like an obstacle if you have these type of issues if you are trying to buy a car, but we are here to help. The special finance specialists at can help you get a vehicle no matter your situation.

Auto Finance for Poor Credit

  • I Have Good Credit but Still Can’t Find Auto Financing in Maryland

Do you have a good credit score but still have trouble getting approved for financing with Maryland lenders? We can help you find out why it’s difficult to get loan approval with a good credit score.

  • Why does my Bankruptcy affect my Chances of Getting a Car Loan?
    Is your past bankruptcy affecting your chances of getting approved for a car loan? We can tell you how to fix this and qualify for auto financing after bankruptcy.
  • Which is Easier to get approved for Credit Cards or Car Loans with a Guaranteed Approval

    If you are dealing with less than perfect credit and would like to rebuild your standing, chances are, you might have considered guaranteed auto financing in Maryland

  • What is the Lowest Score I Can Have When Buying a Vehicle?

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