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Guaranteed Approval Unsecured Credit Cards

Filed under: Guaranteed Approval – 30 Jun 2010 | Spread the word.

After the 2008 credit crisis, you?d think lenders would be out of their minds to guarantee issuance of an unsecured credit card. But that?s what they?re doing.

However, they?re not crazy, because they have all the cards stacked in their favor. If you receive guaranteed approval of an unsecured credit card in the mail, it?s because they?ve already checked your credit score, know you?ve got a history of paying your bills and you?ve got the income to keep doing that.

If you?ve got a good credit score, you may be eligible for credit cards that pay you back for using them.

Before the credit crisis, there were cards that offered rebates if you used them to pay for all sorts of things, like your electric, telephone, cell, Internet and satellite service. anything that was billed once a month. Some of these cards offered great deals, like a three percent rebate every month.

But you?ve got to watch your cards like a hawk, because issuers love to make changes with as little fanfare as possible. That card I had with the three percent rebate on utilities switched to a one percent rebate so quietly that, at first, I didn?t notice it. But as soon as I did notice it, I switched all those automatic payments to another card and canceled that card.

The latest trend in rebates is to switch the categories for which the extra rebate is paid every three months. This is tiresome, and I canceled my Discover card when they tried it on me. But now they all seem to be doing it and I guess I?ll have to get better at keeping track of the best offers.

So, check the offers carefully and take advantage if they?re right for you.

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