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I went to the Go Auto counter at the Edmonton Motor Show at the Northlands Expo Centre on April 12, 2014.

I want to buy a used car in a few months time and had some questions. I asked how Go Auto worked. I was told by a young woman that the company was owned by two men who had several dealerships all over Edmonton and that they sold vehicles from different carmakers such as Honda, Ford etc.

I got brochures, inquired about pricing and commissions, and the website, etc. The woman who spoke with me was courteous and helpful. She mentioned there was a contest to win cars through Go Auto and I was directed to another Go Auto counter.

I went there and was told I could fill out a ballot and, from the two or three dozen Go Auto cars on the floor, I could write on the ballot the one I wanted. If Iw on, I would get that vehicle. I asked for the contest rules but a woman said she did not have them. Hmmm.

To makes things a little confusing, there was another contest – 30 cars in 30 days. But that was a contest outside of the Motorshow. In that contest, a person who bought a car would enter a contest to win back the amount paid for his/her car. And, there was yet another contest where you could enter to win a $1,000 discount off the price of a vehicle purchase.

For the first contest, I went to look at the cars on the floor and was approached by a salesman. He asked me if the car I was looking at was the one I wanted. I said ‘Yes” but he told me a different story. He said that actually all the Go Auto cars on the floor were for sale. WHAT?!

I went back to the Go Auto counter and was told by the same lady who gave me the ballot that what I was told was true. If someone bought the car I wanted to win, Go Auto would SUBSTITUTE something else. I thought to myself that maybe the substitution would be a Pinto or a Lada!

I got an uncomfortable feeling about the whole “contest.” I returned all the Go Auto brochures and ballots and told them that they had lost me as a customer — and about 100 other customers but the time I finished telling everyone about the bad experience. I left. Go Auto is not for me.

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