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Gifted Education Online Resource

Useful Gifted Education Online Resources

For educators who want to engage gifted students in diverse ways that stimulates their appetite for learning while challenging their high learning potential, you can find a diverse range of gifted education online resources to help you in this mission. These resources can be used to follow news regarding gifted education reform and developments, case studies of successful gifted education programs and other news in the gifted education community. You can also benefit from a wealth of online tools that help you diversify gifted education classes to reach more learners more effectively. One of the most comprehensive online resources for educators, though, is the Gifted Talented focus of the University of Cincinnati’s online Master of Education program. Consider how these gifted education online resources could help you while pursuing an advanced degree and in your current classroom.

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC): Hosted by the Department of Education, ERIC is an extensive online database that warehouses education studies regarding gifted education online in a convenient and easy to navigate portal.

Edutopia: Keep up with education reform and the latest technologies available to educators with this free gifted education online resource devoted to innovating classrooms and engaging more students. With resources dedicated to differentiated instruction, effective school case studies, strategies for emotional development in students, this tool provides gifted teachers with an array of methods to increase student engagement with the curriculum.

Family Education: Gifted Education: Although intended for parents, this tool can assist educators in viewing the parents’ perspective on gifted education in order to communicate better with them and anticipate their expectations.

The Gifted Kids Network: For educators who are looking for ways to enrich the curriculum to reach gifted learners to better stimulate their interest in assignments, the Gifted Kids Network has a limitless supply of enrichment suggestions. Some are tools, such as Animoto or Glogster, and others are dynamic resources for further reading, like in the Tech Tools blog where educators discover new ways to utilize technology for student benefit every day.

Glogster: Technology is an underutilized resource that can enrich a gifted education program by giving students access to more diverse tools to accomplish their assignments. With Glogster, teachers and students can collaborate projects online to explore new ways to differentiate student instruction in a protected online network for free.

High Ability: Managed by the Ohio Association of Gifted Children, this blog aggregates a variety of new sources for information about gifted education reform and developments. It’s an indispensable news tool and forum for discussion for gifted teachers.

Hoagies’ Gifted Education: A gifted education online tool that provides a forum for parents, students and educators, Hoagies’ Gifted Education page keeps educators up to date with the latest developments in gifted education. Navigate by narrow topics, such as differentiation, grouping or brain research or by general concepts, such as gifted education, curriculum resources or counseling.

National Association for Gifted Children: One of the greatest gifted education online resources for educators is provided by a group devoted to raising public awareness for this sector of education. Answering the needs of gifted students and the gifted educators who serve them, this professional organization advocated for improved education for gifted learners. Here, you will find classroom resources, answers to the most difficult questions, webinars, information about gifted education by state and much more.

The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented: Dedicated to enriching the education provided to gifted and talented students, this gifted education online resource relies on input from a panel of experts from state departments of education to conduct the research that leads to innovation in gifted education classrooms.

Prufrock’s Gifted Child Information: Leading educators in gifted education contribute to this dynamic blog that explores offerings that teachers can use to diversify their instruction for gifted children. Explore a variety of topics to gain insight on how you can meet special needs students with higher learning potential with this gifted education online tool.

Advocating for change in gifted education classes is part of a broader movement to introduce better education strategies and technologies into schools around the world. Utilizing gifted education online resources can help you to bring your school up to date with current education methods that can enrich instruction and engage more learners. Through the online Master of Education program at the University of Cincinnati, educators gain thorough insight into the newest ways to reach gifted learners and can improve their gifted education offerings by advancing their own education.

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