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Get a Pre-Approved Home Loan

Get pre-approved for home loans and bonds with ooba. Check your bond and home loan pre-approval in a few easy steps.

Are you here to see if you’ll qualify for a home loan? Then we can only guess that you’re about to embark on one of the most exciting journeys of your life. Owning a home that provides shelter for you and your loved ones is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Rest assured that you’re in the right place. We can assist you with a pre-approved home loan – and ultimately home loan approval.

Here’s what you need to know:

The home you can afford depends on your monthly income, expenses, outstanding debt, income tax and credit profile. The ooba Bond Calculator can help you work out what you can afford.

To get bond pre-approval, your disposable income should exceed 30% of your gross monthly income.

Make sure you’ve got documents to prove your income and expenses. Keep your pay slips, a record of your pension and medical-fund contributions, receipts, and more.

Have you made provision for a change in circumstances (e.g. getting married or starting a family), as well as inflation and interest-rate hikes?

Getting a pre-approval home loan means you won’t risk putting in an offer on a property you can’t afford. Take this step before you go house hunting, or else you risk disappointment.

When you qualify for a pre-approved home loan, you’ll get a certificate. Take this with you when you put in an Offer to Purchase. This shows the amount you qualify for and is valid for 90 days.

A pre-approved home loan – and a certificate to prove you have bond pre-approval – shows the estate agent and the seller that you mean business.

I would like to know how to Get a Pre-Approved Home Loan. Please contact me.

Yes, if you are a SA resident working abroad, an 80% mortgage bond can be secured. Most banks will look at granting up to an 80% loan but each application is reviewed on individual merit. Certain clients have been granted 100% finance, in exceptional circumstances.

You must only be living abroad temporarily and must have plans to return to South Africa. In addition, an application to emigrate must not have been made, nor should you have surrendered your permanent residency status in South Africa. Please consult one of our experienced ooba home loan finance experts to assist you.

ooba Has a host of home loan calculators and other resources available to help you determine the potential cost of your home loan when planning and budgeting.

Only those parties involved in processing your application will view your application details.

You can either apply online or by using the “please call me” form on this website – and an ooba home finance expert will contact you.

ooba can complete the application process on your behalf – or we can investigate the possibility of getting a competitive rate from another bank.

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