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Strategic Real Estate Management Software.

Geospatial Analytics Inspection InSite™ is an industry leading mobile solution for the collection and maintenance of information of your facilities and assets. Unlike typical e-form software, this solution embeds business intelligence within the data capture process to ensure data integrity.

Geospatial Analytics Asset InSite™ is a powerful strategic asset management solution that provides functionality for managing information regarding serialized and non-serialized assets. This information is critical in creating business intelligence for ongoing operations and ensuring the ability to create accurate capital forecasts.

Geospatial Analytics Info InSite™ is an innovative web based capability that enables to accurately capture required information and integrate it within your legacy systems. This powerful capability address inconsistent and inaccurate information that is created as a result of business processes.

Geospatial Analytics Retail InSite™ is an industry specific solution that aggregates solutions with your legacy systems to provide an integrated platform for your retail real estate services. Your real estate services will be seamlessly integrated in support of your retail organization, improving services, the customer service and lowering your overall cost structure.

Geospatial Analytics Vendor InSite™ is one of the first vendor management solutions that has been designed specifically for real estate service providers. The ability to effectively manage this significant spend category is now achievable.

Geospatial Analytics Project InSite™ is an adaptive solution for the management of any number of categories of real estate projects. It allows the user to quickly configure specific requirements that are unique but necessary to any given project.

Geospatial Analytics Safety InSite™ enables the assurance of safe real estate operations effectively reducing risks. It creates a proactive program focused on reducing risks and targeting preventive measures where they are most effective.

Geospatial Analytics Contract InSite™ creates a whole new dimension in the management of real estate contracts such as leases and service agreements. The ability to have transparency to current and future costs, as well as ability to proactive address those costs, is now made possible.

Geospatial Analytics Activity InSite™ is an industry leading best practice that enables an Activity Based Management model within your real estate organization. ABM allows for activity based costing to carry out a value chain analysis initiative to improve strategic and operational decisions of your organization.

Geospatial Analytics Performance InSite™ provides a robust platform to establish and manage a real estate organization’s Key Performance Indicators. Integrate you legacy system processes and visualize real time leading indicators that are actionable.

Geospatial Analytics Equipment InSite™ provides a web based portal that inventories and catalogues a customer’s equipment, regardless of type or location. Stand alone or integrated with legacy systems, this powerful capability creates efficiencies and increases effectiveness in managing the costs related to these assets.

Geospatial Analytics Program InSite™ enables a real estate organization to have a holistic view across its various functional areas to effective delivery on a program. It’s innovative and agile design allows the customer to easily configure specific requirements and integrate them within a comprehensive reporting structure.

Geospatial Analytics Portfolio InSite™ creates a complete set of information on a real estate portfolio including vital information regarding all the facilities that is unique to a customer’s business. Its adaptive design gives customers needed flexibility that is unparalleled in the industry.

Geospatial Analytics Service InSite™ provides a ground-breaking approach to understanding your total scope of deliverables in your service delivery processes. Using segmentation models allows for measures of productivity to be effectively implemented and can dramatically improve your costs structure.

Geospatial Analytics Analytics InSite™ works in association with any of your systems or solutions to provide unprecedented businesses intelligence. The promise of big data and the power of analytics is now achievable for real estate organizations.