Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet

Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet

The Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet will list all the activities in your business and personal life in one place. It provides sorting and notification if one of your activities is past it’s finish date. It is quick and easy to update making it a tool you can use everyday to focus on what needs to be done. Click on the Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet download link below to start using the To Do List.

What is the Free Excel To Do List ?

This is an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to organise your business and personal life. It lists all those things that you don t won t forget in a sorted and prioritised order. When you complete items they are re-formatted and moved to the bottom of the list.

Why use a To Do List ?

Set Goals Knowing your goals gives you vision and direction, helping you manage your time, priorities and resources to achieve those goals.
Prioritize by prioritizing your To Do List you eliminate missing deadlines, crisis management, appearing disorganised and feeling overwhelmed.
Stop Procrastinating Once you ve prioritized your To Do List stick to it! Putting off doing what you know needs focus now, only creates feelings of guilt and anxiety.

How to use the Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet ?

  1. Start by downloading the Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet via the link below.
  2. Clear the existing To Do items included to the sample
  3. Include your own To Do Items, with description, category, status and due date
  4. Click on Update To Do List to re-format and re-sort the To Do List

You can add new Categories via the Reference worksheet if needed.

Enhanced version to allow for Multiple People

Click on the Download link below to access an enhanced version of the Free Excel To Do List Spreadsheet. This version allows you to copy the existing To Do List worksheet and store a To Do List for different people in the same workbook. This was requested by a website visitor and then developed by the Excel Help Desk support team.

XLAutomation is a partner website for the Excel Help Desk.

If you are interested in more than just this basic spreadsheet we recommend visiting their website. They offer a full features To Do List with many more functions and configuration options..

Hi I just started using your spreadsheet yesterday and find it very helpful. I m using Excel 2007 and seem to be getting some compatibility error messages when I save. The Update button has now stopped working (after I entered a Completed status item) I get a Run TIme Error 1004, Sort Reference is not valid error message. Is there a different version that is more compatible with Excel 2007?

Excel Help Desk

The speadsheet has been working really well for me.

I have been working with the default categories: business, personal and another one.

Now that i am more confortable with the spreasheet, i would like to add my own categories, and ideally add to the number of categories i have.

I have added 4 categories, but the drop down menu only captures the top 3. Is there something i can do so that i can expand the list of categories?

Thank you very much! Your help is greatly appreciated!

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