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Free Credit Report Websites

Free credit report websites are of great value and they assure security, but care must be taken. You can log on to the Internet and get the umpteen free websites to click on. The credit report is issued from the files of your credit history for the current financial year by the credit bureau. Not all the free credit report websites are legit. Some websites may advertise to generate a free report but they do not always keep up their word. There are certain websites which will only let you see the report from the files but not the actual credit score that you are looking for.

Tips to avoid scam

Many of the free credit report websites can be deceiving. Read all the reviews and testimonials if any attached to the website and they will help you get into a secure website without worrying much. The safe method of having your report delivered to you is to log on to which is the only official website solely meant for the consumers to have their credit report by the federal government. Some free credit report websites may get you to pay for getting your financial credit report which is totally a waste of money because you are eligible to receive one all free.

There are a lot of forums which can help you decide to choose a right website, don’t be impulsive and click on to some anonymous free credit report websites and divulge all your personal information. In case you detect any fraudulence with the credit report websites, you can reach Federal Trade Commission that is to protect consumers about the issue. Incorrect information on your file report can also be reported to the government agency. Visit for filing your complaints and queries that you noticed in your annual credit report.

Top free credit report websites

According to the online survey, there are few free websites that are validated by the consumers to be genuine. A website should be able to protect the consumers’ rights and here is the list of them.


– Credit Karma

– Equifax



– Quizzle

There are certain restrictions that are imposed by these free credit report websites when requested for the report. They offer different packages and you have a trial period of thirty days with varying costs. Nevertheless, you will receive one free credit report score absolutely free from any of the above mentioned websites.

The consumers have the right to receive their financial credit report score from the government. A free report can also be received from other free credit report websites. There are three bureaus involved with the government in providing the same to the consumers which are Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Three scores can be obtained at once or you can reach them every four months in the same year to receive one. The annual credit report is issued once in every 12 months. Some websites also have online screening, alerts if your score changes, and customer service round the clock to help you.

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