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Free Credit Report No Credit Card

Everybody has a free offer these days. Whether it’s a free night in a hotel, a free appetizer with dinner or yes a free credit report no credit card required. Don’t fall for it when they tell you something is free. There is rarely anything in this life that is free and a free credit report no credit card required is likely not as free as they’d lead you to believe. They lead you to the site with the promise of obtaining your credit report without having to give them a form of payment. Not so fast.

When you reach said site where they promise you the free credit report no credit card, there will be all kinds of extra services they can offer you. The offer they extend to you for a free credit report no credit card required will most probably be just a viewing of your credit report online. If you want to print it, get a copy of it emailed to yourself or a copy mailed to you there will be an extra charge and that’s where they get you.

When you sign up for the free offer they extend you, you will have limited access to the information they provide up front. Many sites will offer subscription services that can be cancelled without penalty but be prepared if you sign up for one of their services to spend what seems like an eternity on the phone trying to cancel. Never mind the fact that they read from a script and you can’t get them to stop talking and wasting your time long enough to actually cancel your service. It’s frustrating at the very least.

There are many sites online today that offer you a free peek at your credit report. Just be prepared to pay for anything above and beyond actually viewing it. There are many pieces of the puzzle that make up your credit report and a summary isn’t worth viewing if you want a true picture of your credit worthiness. You will have to indulge in their paid subscription service to get your beacon score and find out if there are any judgments or negative marks on your credit.

So in conclusion, research the site you are choosing to provide you with your credit report. Make sure that if you’re getting a free report, it is an entire report whether you can download it or request it by mail. Otherwise, it’s not worth your time or the inquiry it will place on your credit report to get the information.

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