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You Are Legally Entitled To A Free Copy Of Your Credit Rating Every 12 Months

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find the free version on the Credit Reporting Bodies websites (remember, these Credit Reporting Bodies are Businesses, NOT Government.  They are required to offer you a free copy, but they re not required to make it easy for you).

MyCRA Lawyers makes it easy for you with all the details you need in one place.  All the details for:

Get Access To Free Credit Files

Free Credit Rating Option

If you chose to wait up to 20 business days for a free copy of your credit rating. please make sure you go through all of the details in detail to make sure they’re correct.  So if you see anything that doesn’t seem right, or that is just plain wrong. contact the creditor and ask them to remove it.

(But that s only if you chose not to take advantage of our credit file analysis service)

Identity Theft  is one of the major causes of mistakes and errors on credit files

Again, if that doesn’t work. MyCRA Lawyers is here to help you negotiate the removal of inaccurate and unsubstantiated bad credit listings.

We also provide a complete Credit File Analysis service to help you make sense of, and understand your credit files. (ask for details on 1300 667 218)

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