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Free Annual Credit Report, Online Credit Check, Credit Score

Free annual credit report monitoring can help you maintain a good credit score and secure identity. Both are very important elements of a healthy financial future for you and your family. Under USA credit report law you are entitled to request and receive a free credit report check every 12 months from each of the three main reporting agencies.

What is a credit report and what purpose does it serve?

Simply put, a credit report is a documented record of all your credit use activities. Whenever you have a credit card or consumer loan, ongoing notes of how you use those financial instruments is kept on file by credit reporting agencies. Your credit history tells a lot about how you operate fiscally. This is of great interest to a company considering you for a new car loan or home mortgage for example. If you have paid all your bills on time and paid off previous loans as agreed, a new lender is more likely to approve your request and offer you better finance rates in the future.

Several companies also offer credit report monitoring services for a nominal fee. Although not always necessary, the convenience of having your credit files monitored for irregularities and automatically receiving credit file updates can be reassuring and a great help to many people. Totally free credit reports are available so you can check your credit annually but you should also at least be aware of and consider these additional services.

How do you request free credit report?

Get free credit reports by contacting each of the three main reporting agencies:

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