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How to Build A Profitable Forex Home Business

In this Forex training course we will teach you how to create at least 6 different income streams from the Forex industry. This Forex training course will approach Forex trading from a entrepreneural business perspective, using business principles, and will be in contrast to the purely speculative approach to Forex Trading.

Course Details:

Prerequisite: Have 6 months experience as a Forex Trader.

Level Intermediate to Advanced

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: R6,400 (through EFT) or $504 (through PayPal / Credit card)

Profitable forex trading

Course Content:

This is an unique and proprietary course that (as far as we know) is not offered in this format anywhere in the world.

In this course we teach 6 different ways of generating recurring income from the Forex Industry.

Only people who have had some experience in the Forex industry as a trader, and are ready to start building a business on which they eventually could rely on for their subsistence should consider this course.

We take a business approach to in this course since it is designed for people who are entrepreneurs and want to build a viable Forex based business.

Some issues that will be discussed are:

– Six different opportunities for generating recurring revenue from the Forex industry

– Selecting the right income stream(s) option that fits your profile and experience

– Where to find the best Systems/Signals in the World

– Creating a Profitable Forex Product Portfolio and how to keep it optimized

– Performance Monitoring and Management to guarantee on-going profitability

Since this is a very unique course we do not disclose the full agenda of the course in order to protect our intellectual property.

Profitable forex trading

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